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Child R - Serious Case Review

Published: Friday, 10th November 2017

This serious case review was undertaken in order to learn lessons about the way that agencies work together to safeguard children in Rotherham.

The conclusion of this review is that there was a failure to protect Child R from suffering harm while he was in hospital.

The reasons for this include:

  • enquiries under Section 47 (Children Act 1989)1 were not initiated in a timely way when concerns were first identified
  • opportunities to assess his parents' care of him and to minimise any risk he continued to be exposed to were not taken
  • lack of clarity about the process to be followed and the respective roles and responsibilities of social workers and Police Officers when conducting joint enquiries under s47
  • the uncertainty about whether Child R's symptoms (and the reason he was in hospital) were, at least partially, the result of having been non-accidentally injured
  • a failure to recognise that undertaking s47 enquiries is as important when there is uncertainty about whether a child has suffered significant harm as it is when the cause of the harm is obvious

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The purpose of a Serious Case Review is to enable agencies to establish whether there are lessons to be learnt from the case about the way in which local professionals and organisations work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

When a Local Safeguarding Children Board undertakes a Serious Case Review it must produce an Overview Report and an Executive Summary, both of which must be written by an independent person. These reports are anonymised, and are published by the Safeguarding Children Board here. RLSCB currently has two published Serious Case Reviews.

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