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Multi-Agency Learning and Development Prospectus

As part of its Learning and Improvement Strategy, the Rotherham LSCB provides a number of multi-agency safeguarding training workshops. Once you have selected the workshop(s) you wish to attend then please e-mail, where your enquiry will be processed by the training administrator.

We also quality assure training providers so that organisations commissioning specific training packages can be confident that the training is good quality and up to date.

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Evaluating the Impact of RLSCB Training

For period Apr-Dec 2017 RLSCB delivered 84 events to 1987 people and implemented an impact evaluation framework. Effective training underpins safeguarding and child protection work at all levels and across all agencies. Effective training is a fundamental part of the frameworks which manage risk and support multi-agency working across sectors and agencies. The key question we ask ourselves as a provider of training is: how can we demonstrate the impact of training on practice? Specifically, how does training improve our practice with children and young people and their outcomes overall? To help answer some of these questions, the RLSCB framework for evaluation is in two stages which aim to collect the following data, see stages 1,2,3, below, to be analysed together against each delegate’s learning and progress.

RLSCB Framework for Evaluation

  1. Set base level of knowledge and need before training
  2. Evaluate immediate response (knowledge, need and quality) after training. Delegates complete the form in the classroom
  3. Evaluate the impact of learning in practice (3 months after training)

Stage 3 of this process specifically asks for evidence of the impact of training on practice, and requests that delegates answer the online questionnaire.

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