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Learning and improvement

Working Together 2015 requires that the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) maintains a shared local learning and improvement framework across those local organisations working with children and families.

This local framework covers the full range of single and multi-agency reviews and audits, which aim to drive improvements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. The different types of review include:

  • Serious case reviews
  • Reviews of child deaths
  • Single and multi-agency case audits

The Rotherham learning and improvement framework, which includes audit principles and the criteria and procedures for undertaking a serious case review , can be found in the LSCB guidance manual.

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Practitioner Learning Events

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Raising Awareness Week 13 –16 June 2016

FGM is an abhorrent form of violence against women and girls, it is a violation of their human rights and particularly their right to bodily autonomy, to choose what happens to their own bodies. It is crucial to raise both public and professional awareness about what FGM is and that it is illegal to practice FGM in the UK or to take a child outside the UK to perform FGM. We need to engage all professionals to help identify and support those at risk of FGM.

The RLSCB partnership is holding a Raising Awareness week in June 2016 that will remind health, education and social care professionals of their mandatory duty to report FGM. It will also provide information and understanding that will assist in supporting girls and young women who are at risk of FGM as well as how to raise awareness within the local communities within which they work.

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Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Training Workshops

Undiagnosed children may be diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, as being on the autistic spectrum, as having behavioural problems or as having had poor parenting. Studies suggest that without the correct support an individual is more likely to have a range of issues including: mental health problems, trouble with the police, homelessness and difficulty with social relationships and employment.

This training is for the professionals within the multi-agency partnership who have some responsibilities for children's safeguarding.

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