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Signs of Safety Announcement

Published: Tuesday, 19th September 2017

The roll out of Signs of Safety in Rotherham will take up to three years to fully embed. Providing the training to the relevant practitioners within Rotherham CYPS is the priority for 2017/18.

Partners will be consulted on its implementation across the wider Rotherham’s Children’s Workforce in the future. 

Signs of Safety is about family members and professionals (health visitors, social workers, teachers, doctors, police etc.) working together to meet children and young people’s needs in the best way possible. It puts children, young people and their parents at the heart of the work.

Families play a key part in working alongside professionals, making it clear about the worries and concerns that are identified for their child, (who is worried and why), identifying the things that are going well in the child’s life (strengths), and agreeing what needs to be done (goals), to build on the strengths and reduce the worries.

Signs of Safety ensures that the views of children, young people, their parents and carers are fully heard and that the strengths of the family are clearly identified and included in plans and actions to keep the child safe and/or promote their wellbeing.  

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