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Supporting Child Victims of Trafficking Webinars

Published: Tuesday, 03rd April 2018

Free CPD accredited webinar recordings for legal professionals, guardians, advocates and social workers who want to know more about supporting child victims of trafficking and modern slavery.

Webinar One – Best Practice Interviewing Children

This interviewing trafficked children webinar is delivered by Kalvir Kaur, a qualified solicitor and leading expert advocating for refugee children and victims of trafficking. Kalvir has over 15 years' experience of working with children who have been trafficked. In this webinar, she explains the approach that she has developed over the years to successfully interview children who find themselves in this vulnerable situation.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Pre-interview considerations
  • Appropriate use of interpreters
  • Foundation of skills for practitioners to develop according to the needs of each child
  • 'Cognitive interviewing'
  • Obstacles to effective interviewing
  • How to address potential adverse credibility inferences

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Webinar Two – Age Assessment Law and Practice for Child Victims of Trafficking

This age assessments law and practice webinar is delivered by Shu Shin Luh a barrister whose practice has a strong human rights and anti-discrimination focus. She also acts in a legal advisory role to UK and international organisations on the rights and protection of victims of trafficking. This webinar serves as a guide for all legal professionals and guardians who work with separated children seeking asylum and child victims of trafficking whose age might be assessed and/or disputed in various legal contexts.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • So, who is a child?
  • How can age disputes arise?
  • Importance and relevance of age
  • How is age relevant in immigration law?
  • How is age relevant in youth justice?
  • Assessing age
  • Holistic determinations
  • Approach taken by the court to determine age
  • Approach of criminal court to age disputes

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