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The Power Project

Published: Wednesday, 20th September 2017

The Internet is an incredibly exciting part of our everyday world. It offers us the opportunity to explore the world from our own home.

As with everything, for all the very exciting opportunities this virtual world presents a whole set of new risks.

We need to ensure that our children and young people, and ourselves, know what the dangers can be, and hopefully teach them how to respond to these dangers responsibly and safely. Young people and many adults live in an always-on, social, digital and connected world, and it is the only world they have ever known.

Whilst the Internet brings amazing opportunities for us to learn, create and socialise, it is our duty as adults to help them navigate this online world safely. Children and young people must recognise that every click, every post, every purchase and every photo we upload leaves a digital footprint.

It is important to start the conversations about Internet safety at an early age, to help set boundaries together and provide a clear understanding of when it is safe to explore the Internet freely. We need to build resilience with our young people and offer unconditional support to ensure their online world is safe.

The Rotherham POWER Project has been designed and developed by Rotherham Creative Learning Centre to deliver an online safety education programme. The programme includes a POWER Roadshow, awareness training for staff and parents and workshops for children and young people. The development of a group of Online Safety Ambassadors in each school is also a fundamental element to the project. Since January 2017, 24 Rotherham Schools have fully subscribed to the whole project, with a further 10 schools accessing elements of the project. We hope to have engaged 50% of Rotherham Primary Schools by December 2017.

In 2017 awareness training has been delivered to foster carers, front line staff and teachers across the authority.

Online safety awareness training is available for all staff who work with children and young people. For further details please contact Trish Sharp, Manager, Rotherham Creative Learning Centre.


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