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Rotherham Neglect Strategy

Why do we need a Neglect Strategy?

The impact of neglect on children and young people is enormous. Neglect causes great distress to children. It can lead to poor health and poor educational and social outcomes. In some cases, as we know from Serious Case Reviews, it can lead to a child’s death. Even where this is not the case the effects can be serious and long lasting. Children’s abilities to make relationships may be affected and their ability to attend and do well at school. These things will influence their success in adulthood and their ability to parent in the future. The cumulative impact on children of both persistent and intermittent neglect is a central concern when considering the most effective ways of protecting them.

We know that we could work together more effectively in Rotherham to protect children from neglect. The purpose of this strategy is to set out the ways in which we will make improvements. Agreeing a Neglect Strategy across multi-agency partners is an important element of addressing neglect in a collaborative way.

We need a Neglect Strategy to underpin the work that we do in Rotherham and ensure that multi agency partners work in a cohesive way and jointly own responsibility for addressing neglect and the issues it brings.